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Sell On Amazon

Looking forward to start selling online? We’ll help you get most out of the world’s leading e-commerce platform – Amazon.

Sell Online Today!

Online marketplaces like Amazon are one of the easiest & low-cost way of getting your business online. Such platforms have robust IT infrastructure and very popular among consumers.

Being the official channel partner of Amazon, we are enabling business go online within 48 hrs. It is important that sellers don’t lag behind their competition due to lack of  compliance awareness, promotional strategies and  bad cataloging. We guide sellers from account creation to boosting their rank on Amazon so that their products remain on the top pages of Amazon search results. We bring more traffic to seller’s store and substantial increase in their sales.

Why Us

Reliable Partner Of Amazon

We help new seller get on-boarded to the Amazon platform and assist existing sellers in improving their sales.

Consistent Sales

Our sellers always gets 100% buy box, zero cases of account suspension, high CAQ score, more returns on sponsor ads/coupons and all of this results consistent sales.

All Solutions Under One Hub

With capacity to catalog 20000+ products in Amazon, we have capability to meet high cataloguing inflows and on-board sellers at record pace. We also provide content writing,  A+ & EBC catalogue solutions.

Our Amazon Services

Amazon Training(UAE, INDIA, UK, USA, KSA & Others)

In collaboration with Marketplaces, we provide end to end training to new & existing sellers on cataloguing, fulfilment,
payment reconciliation and promotion.

Product Cataloguing

We provide content writing which includes product descriptions, keywords & bullet points for high CAQ score of 100%. We also provide enhanced cataloguing services which includes EBC catalogue, Brand store and Buy Box win optimization. 

Marketplace Promotion

Marketplace like Amazon has thousands of sellers who are eyeing for top place in search results. We help sellers in gaining top spot with sponsored Ads, coupons, deals and specialised promotions which not only increase your visibility but also give higher return on spend.

Return Management

We assist sellers in minimising the return and timely filing of refund claim. Also assist sellers in reducing A-Z Claim Rate and Cancellation Rate. We track our seller performance on daily to ensure they complies with marketplace policies.

Brand Approval/Category Approval

It is quite a long process to get brand/category approval on Amazon. Due to multiple to-and-fro communication required between the seller and Amazon, the sellers often not able to launch their online store within the intended time and sometimes they never get approvals. Our service will be a big relief for such sellers who can now get faster approvals and start their selling without any hurdle.


Our payment reconciliation service analyse market place order, payment settlement, amazon commission fee and fulfilment cost on regular basis and keep seller updated with profit and cash flow.

EBC & Brand Store Designing

Enhancing your product catalogue with EBC & Brand Store to help increase conversion and sales. We design your product listing with detailed product images and additional text placements to provide a more comprehensive product description. This will engage your customers and address their most common questions in order to drive more rapid and informed purchase decisions.

Imaging & Translation

Images you choose to upload for your product will impact customer buying choices, and so quality matters. We provide photography services and we provide images that are clear, easy to understand, information-rich, and attractively presented.

360° Account Management

We provide complete Amazon account management service wherein we take care of day to day account management activities, promote your products, manage FBA, enroll your amazon account in latest amazon promotion programs, manage returns and provide accounting solutions.


Every money spent on advertisement must yield highest return of atleast 12% and above as ROAS. Our Ad specialist plan and manage your promotion strategy across multiple channels with proven track record of highest return.