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Master Data Management

Clean, de-duplicate normalise and standardise bad data present in your ERP/CRM/EAM system with our data auditing & cleaning services.  

Master Data Management

Inaccurate & incomplete data leads to inefficient spend management and often cause struggles in taking right business decision. 

Every organisation deals with data quality issues and some companies address this issue with temporary data corrections leaving the source of the problem unaddressed. We have a perfection solution for bad quality data with our master data service. Our team works on the data set which are cleansed, normalised, classified, and enriched. We also convert them as per the target platform’s data guideline. A good data provides true picture of your spend, reduce compliances gaps, better insight during vendor negotiation and maximise cost centres.

Key Benefits

Automated & Manual Approach

We use mix of automated & manual intervention in our process to deliver to provide on-time delivery with highest qualit


Highest accuracy in identifying misspelling, abbreviations, UOM, value prefix/suffix, wrong descriptions & duplications.

Schema Compatibility

Deep knowledge & experience in UNSPSC, ETIM, eCl@ss, PIDX along with custom schema mapping

Our Process

Data Cleansing

We scan across the data set shared by the customer from their ERP/CRM/EAM system and identify duplicated, incorrect, incomplete, or incorrectly formatted data records and carry out their corrections.

Data Enrichment

The process simply means “fill the data gap”. Data becomes information when it is complete & accurate. We enhance the data set by adding missing information of both technical & commercial in nature such as technical spec or vendor information.

Data Normalisation

Data visibility in ERP/CRM is affected due to improper format structure. As companies heavily rely on such systems for day-to-day activities such as production planning, sales, MIS reports generation – the non-uniform data format affects data visibility leading to inefficiency. We review your data set and ensure uniform formats are followed for all data records.

Data Governance

Data governance practises helps in sustaining good data quality in the system and these guidelines act as proactive steps to prevents the origin of bad data in the system. We works with customers in developing master data governance policies.

Data Classification

A well-defined classification schema makes data easy to organise, find and retrieve. We provide custom & standard schema mapping as per UNSPSC, ETIM, eCl@ss, PIDX and others. Following a well-defined schema system helps in linking local identifiers of a product and in managing hierarchical structure.

Image Cleaning

Our image service includes image resizing, updating background, thumbnail conversion, extract image and source new images for missing products in the ERP/PLM.