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Boost Store Visbility & Shoppers' Traffic

Increase genuine traffic of potential visitors to your online store and gather more impressions for your brand across all digital & offline platforms.

Boost Visibility & Traffic

Success of an online store is linked to the sales it makes but since the emergence of e-commerce many small & big players are vying for more visibility of its products & brand on internet. More visibility lead to more traffic and better sale conversion rate.

However, many online stores fail to make it to the top pages of search engine results and one of the biggest reasons is the badly structured online store. We have solutions to address this issue of the existing and new online stores. Carefully structured categorisation, taxonomy, classification system, core attribute quality score of listings and images plays vital role in improving product discovery & traffic. Connect with our category specialist to know ways to boost your online sales.

Our Methodology

Matching & Ranking

Information retrieval is at the core of any e-commerce model. Since early 2000, e-commerce web search has evolved from the simple taxonomy leaves-based to the emergence of sort functionality which was followed by filters used to limit the product search result within a category and now we are dealing with search & recommendation engines. We help e-commerce to adopt emerging technology and semantics of search to beat competition.

Review Management

Reviews are one of the most important “word of mouth” tool which substantially increases the sales conversion in an eCommerce site. Genuine reviews build customer confidence with the brand and facilitate repeat sales. We help business to improve their brand reputation with positive word of mouth & reviews.

Advertisements, Influencers, Multi-Channel Promotion

Promotions and advertisements are part of brand building activities. We provide advertisements services such as Google Adwords, Social Media Ads, influencer tie-ups, promotion through offline channels, print media and TVC.

SEO Optimised

Online store must comply to the SEO standards which includes optimised page title, images, well defined product style guide, meta descriptions, internal  inking and many more. We regularly audit e-commerce sites to identify gaps in SEO and keeps it updated.